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It's very rare for a major studio to nationally distribute a film with Latino talent, not only in front of the camera, but also behind the camera.

Granted, not everything on the card was flawless, as Torrie Wilson vs.

Dawn Marie was as deplorable as expected, but it did sum up how diverse of a year 2002 was for WWE.

Almost every No Mercy dating back to its inception in 1999 has had something special to offer.

“The trainer and (Lane’s End Farm owner) Bill Farish are really good friends, from what I understand,” Theriot said.

After all these years – the very best they can do now is steal Keanu Reeves (Asian father), spout off Nathan Adrian (5’11” Chinese mother, an extreme rarity), Olivia Munn, and some half-Filipinos (some of whom aren’t even “I always felt as if being black was cool,” Mr. “[Being black] was not something to run away from but something to embrace. Part of it is I think that my mother thought black folks were cool, and if your mother loves you and is praising you — and says you look good, are smart — as you are, then you don’t kind of think in terms of ‘How can I avoid this?

’ You feel pretty good about it.”Many of the Euro- ethnic wives in my study were distinctive in that most of them appeared to be more cognizant about the issue of ethnic identity with regard to their children than were the Euro-American husbands in the study and, for the most part, were enthusiastic about helping their children engage it in some form. Monica, the Korean American mentioned earlier who in the past struggled painfully with her Korean heritage and appearance, feels that now that she has biracial children, she finds reengaging with Korean culture a simple necessity….

* American television, in the last year or two, has featured six Eurasians that I’m aware of.