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Can be open for tours or visitation by appointment. The "new" Catholic cemetery is at the rear of the church lot.

About 1912 the property was deeded to the Episcopalian Church proper and named St. The building was closed recently and is under restoration by a Salt Sulphur Springs restoration group.

Many dignitaries – such as Queen Victoria and the King of England and 6 US presidents – visited the Old Sweet in its “heyday.” The resort featured the famous mineral spring, cool evenings, the splendid Sweet Springs Valley and the Allegheny Mountains.

Listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Martin Van Buren, Henry Clay, and John Calhoun among prominent guests.

The road closely followed an old Indian path known as the Seneca Trail, or alternately, The Warrior's Path.

Present day US 219 doesn't vary too greatly from the course of the footpath used by tribes of the Iroquois Nation.

A small stockade fort, and one of several fortifications which were erected in the county prior to the American Revolution. The property is owned by the Monroe County Historical Society.

This impressive structure, located on the Union Historic Walking Tour, was formed by the Presbyterian Church and incorporated in 1820.

Many cultural programs are offered throughout the year including: performances in dance, music, drama, and art classes.