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Pay per click search search engine shopping email dating

Date Founded: December 2002 (originally known as Froogle.) Interesting Facts: Google Product Search was Google’s free shopping program.

What else you should know about this marketing program?

Product Listing Ads Guide Founded: July 1994 (originally named Cadabra.) Quirks: For merchants who only plan to list less than 40 items a month, the cost for Amazon selling is just $.99 a sale.

One of the main reasons why is because it’s so easy to add coupons and adjust bids.

With an easy-to-use merchant interface, it simplifies what’s necessary to get a positive ROI.

They have a revenue share program, in which products are sold directly on PG, or a CPC style advertising platform, which allows your products to be compared with other similar products on the web.

Issues: Rates for listing products depends on a number of factors, including the product category, the subcategory and whether you will use a logo in the listing.

Click here to get more info on Pricegrabber Founded: June 1996 (formally named Binary Compass Enterprises and Biz Quirks: Listings on Shopzilla not only appear on, but also on Biz Rate and In Issues: It requires a $50 up-front deposit in order to begin listing products.

Why Shopzilla is one of the best paid marketing channels: Shopzilla has been one of the best performing comparison shopping engines for our merchants since we began CPC Strategy in January of 2007.

You can even use Amazon to handle your fulfillment and shipping if you so desire.

What ecommerce retailers need to know about Amazon: While you gain a huge distribution partner, you give up rights to a huge amount of sales data and customer information. Click here to get more info on the Amazon Marketplace.

Click here to get more info on Amazon Product Ads Founded: 1999 Quirks: Listing on Nextag’s comparison engine comes with a few extras, including ROI tracking, voucher code implementation and buyer reviews.