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Paige hemmis dating

THE verdict is in: The leading ladies of “Law & Order” are the best-dressed lawyers in town.

(THE CANADIAN PRESS / AP, Marco Ugarte) WASHINGTON -- NAFTA negotiators parted ways for the holidays without completing any chapters Friday, preparing to reconvene in the new year for what could be a pressure-cooker period of bargaining through early 2018.

Canadian, Mexican and American negotiators left a week's worth of discussions in Washington without any agreements to announce, citing only incremental progress in scaling the tall challenges ahead.

“For example, with Carey Lowell, I dressed her in very natural, sophisticated, form-fitting suits, and with Angie Harmon, I put her in long jackets and long skirts, because that suited her character best.” And what can we expect from the new ADA in town?

“Alana De La Garza is beautiful, so it’s so easy to dress her,” she says, “I just put her in a Gucci suit that is a great fabric and perfectly tailored.” Photo captions * Alana De La Garza: She joins the cast of “Law & Order” this fall.

Unlike most women, her shoes of choice include Converse and other sneakers.

It’s a quirky accent that gives her what many women want – a signature style.

Mary Beth Evans (Sara), Matt Ashford (Steve), Jackie Zeman (Sofia) and Ronn Moss (John) sat down with co-hosts Mark Steines, Debbie Matenopolous and Paige Hemmis.