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Northwestern dating scene

“You have more outlets to meet new people besides just your dorm.”Including last week’s arrival at Northwestern, Friendsy now operates at a total of 41 campuses, 35 of which launched within the last month.

Only one week since its launch at Northwestern, it'll still take some time to see whether or not Friendsy will stick and, if so, what space it will occupy in students' lives.

But let’s not forget that when Tinder first launched here, it also got a lot of criticism from the student body.“I think Northwestern tries to be really socially ironic a lot,” Hume said, “When things pop up that are cool and hip and with it, there’s kind of a natural pushback with things like Friendsy … Because like, ‘Oh, we’re all too smart and professional for this kind of thing.

“Friendsy is much more nuanced.”A system of hints that provide initial anonymity and a perceived lack of rejection can go a long way in helping less forward students connect with people they otherwise would not have reached out to.

But these types of meeting platforms perhaps most cater to the very opposite of what Pinsky describes as the intended audience: the already active socialites.“It’s perfect for people that just wanna go out and put themselves out there,” said Weinberg junior Jake Hume, a self-proclaimed big fan of any opportunity to meet new people, noting the single segment of the college population who might have little to gain from such a network.

Despite some mixed reactions toward the nitty-gritties of Friendsy’s matchup system, the app’s viral campus takeover speaks to exactly why college students love dating apps in the first place – and it's not just because they're "too busy" or uninterested in forming relationships in person.

It’s all about maximizing the odds – that is, increasing your chance of stumbling into a relationship, whatever form that may take.“I’ve noticed that there’s a lot of freshmen on it, so I’m sure it’s an easier way to ease into college,” Blim said of Friendsy.

On the recipient’s end, you won’t know who sent you a request unless you happen to send him or her (like many other dating portals, Friendsy doesn’t include any other gender options, nor any way to specify sexual orientation) that same request back.

The system leads to a tricky guessing game before you can figure out your wannabe hookup buddy’s identity.

But a little mystery is the key to helping shier folk make that first move, said the company’s co-founder and COO Michael Pinsky, a Princeton University senior who fashioned the app with his own campus in mind.“The great thing about the anonymous matchmaking is that it removes all of the fear behind taking that first step and potentially being rejected,” Pinsky said.

“There’s no such thing as being rejected on Friendsy.”And in the literal sense, that’s true.

The problem with this initial generation of techno-romance was people’s reliance on words and pictures to assess compatibility.