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Then there's the bare midriff, which has become a bit of a trademark for the lady who was raised as a good Jewish girl and later enlisted in the army where an exposed belly wouldn't exactly be in line with playing with the Israeli Army String Quartet. She's esteemed in jazz circles, has won a Grammy, fronted ads for Reebok and Ecko, and is, as she tells it, pioneering a new type of musician in the US who are keen to mash Bach with Tupac.

"It's almost a trend in America today," she sighs, as if she's told it a dozen times before.

But I believed in what I do." A Jewish music album, The Music of Miri Ben-Ari and Friends came in 2000 before she signed to Half Note Records, a subsidiary of Blue Note.

The label's first album, Sahara, was released in 1999 to critical acclaim, before 2000's Temple of the Beautiful featuring Marsalis, and 2001's Live At the Blue Note became moderate hits. "One of the things that I really love about hip-hop is that it's not limited," she gushes.

She is also known as “The Hip Hop Violinist”, the title of her latest album (Universal Records).

Miri Ben-Ari is apparently the world's first hip-hop violinist, yet if she wasn't respected by Jay-Z and trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, it'd seem like a gimmick from MTV's Punk'd.

"I get to do the very street and the very snobbish - and everybody loves music," she chuckles.

"Violin is an instrument that you usually see at the back of the stage.

"If I have to categorise myself, I categorise myself as a humble person. As a child in Tel Aviv, Ben-Ari played classical music, and was recommended by legendary violinist Isaac Stern for a scholarship to the America-Israel Cultural Foundation.

She experienced a brief stint in the military, which she says also had a major impact.

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