Start Michigan christian dating service

Michigan christian dating service

To those ends we have also formed a Meet Up site called Grand Rapids Christian Singles - Digging Deeper (see Grand Rapids Christian Singles - Digging Deeper at Grand Rapids, MI Meetup sites).

LAKESHORE CHRISTIAN SINGLES is an outreach ministry supported by BEECHWOOD CHURCH but is for Christian Singles from all area churches.

For some single adults who are not attending a church at this time, this ministry is a place that can help them on their spiritual journey to become a Christian or to rediscover their Christian faith. We welcome members to join us in developing this outreach ministry, and we look forward to meeting you when you come.

If you RSVP YES, please follow through and attend, or if you must cancel please check NO so we have an accurate count.

This is especially important when we have a limited number of spots for an event.

We encourage everyone to join in planning and hosting events as they are led.

Some of our popular activities include barbecues, sporting events, board game nights, outdoor recreation, dining out, movie, live music events, worship, festivals, parties, dances, service projects and many more.

We have also created a Facebook page where everyone can connect and share ideas.https:// /We look forward to meeting you at an upcoming Grand Rapids Christian Singles – Activities event.

Like our neighboring partner, Grand Rapids Christian Singles, of which we are a Westward outgrowth: The focus of the LAKESHORE CHRISTIAN SINGLES group is to provide opportunities for single Christian men and women to have fun and share enjoyable experiences with common interests and shared values.

We are a place to belong and a place to grow in faith and in community. Many adult Christian singles attend churches that are unable to provide a vibrant and healthy ministry to serve them in this season of their life.

And, we saw a need for an expansion of ministry to Christian Singles along the geographic Lakeshore region.

Community Christian Singles is a supplemental ministry to the church, founded to provide single adults in the Mid-Michigan area with opportunities for Christian growth and fellowship.