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Mexican dating practices

Those who graduate toward the cartels can expect a brutal schooling from their new teachers, according to the testimony of Miguel Ortiz Miranda, a member of La Familia cartel captured last year, whose interrogation later surfaced on Youtube.

At 17, while her brothers labored in the fields, Maria cooked for them and the other workers.

In this part of the world, you could bet on a steaming pot of creamy pinto beans that had been cooked all day, potatoes fried with onions, and stacks of soft, warm, handmade tortillas.

Mexican drug cartels are being armed with weapons supplied by the U.

One event in particular allowed us to enjoy the most delicious tamales, and speaking of which I’ll stop right here, since this is my dear friend Stephanie‘s guest post: When Nicky asked if I would mind sharing my Grandma Salazar’s recipe for tamales with d:d readers, I didn’t hesitate to say “yes!

Sources conflict on when the first tamales originated and in what form (some say thousands of years B.

C.) but what is certain is that Latin cultures have fully mastered the art, and in each country and region you can find different interpretations of that delightful little package.

Stephanie and David, our dear American friends are the best example.