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But sometimes we fall in love “at first sight.” Take the case of Lila Sumin, who figured out she’d met her future husband after only a few hours.“I came home from our first date and told my parents he was the one,” says Sumin, 71, who lives in Los Angeles.

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I think that’s why people really ended up liking so much, is that we made it a collaborative effort for the first time ever.

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AE: Speaking of process, the two of you write very differently, correct?

I think a big part of that is that in our live shows we actually sing together, and on record, we rarely sing together.

Even if it was about a relationship that was doomed and ended badly, just the idea that I could go back to that relationship and remember that moment…that second that I met that person, and it wasn’t bad, it was amazing.

So I tried to focus on some of the more positive sides of meeting someone and falling in love.

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And there's the fairy-tale version: Love, Obstacle, Triumph, Happily Ever After (Cinderella, My Big Fat Greek Wedding).