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Landon and brittini dating

Additionally, any elimination wins add to the player’s raw score and boost their overall ranking.

This would cause problems in that raw score points are on a different scale for each challenge and there would be a bias relating to the number of overall challenges someone participated.

Then I received an email from a gentleman named Dan at MIT. (For all I know Dan starts detailing bestiality in the third paragraph.

Not CT’s ferocious competitiveness and not Jasmine’s wild … If that is the case, then Wes is Kansas City’s most successful athlete (think about that). Around the Grantland office we have always tossed out the idea of applying advanced metrics to , acted like we were going to actually do it, and then lost interest after realizing executing a task like that requires patience, time, and intelligence, all things we are short on. To be totally honest, it’s a tough read — I haven’t even read the whole thing myself ̶ so feel free to skim it for the results.

Instead each challenge is individually normalized from 1-10 and a player’s final normalized score is an average of the challenges in which they participated.

The final step in my calculation was to account for small sample bias that occurs when someone participates in only one or two challenges.

The only possible explanation is that someone leaked their Wonderlic test scores. I asked everyone to briefly summarize their feelings about their draft; below are the replies: House: Jacoby asked for two sentences about my team; I prefer to write about the two most important assets on my team. Connor: Jacoby and Simmons have argued for years now that should become our fifth major sport. OK, buckle up, because now it’s about to get REAL weird.

House: Tyrie and Jasmine That Tyrie and Jasmine slipped to last pick is shocking. The assets that are going to deliver my currently scoreless fantasy-reality team from the depths of “Kang 2011” are Priscilla’s breasts. Throw in CT’s homophobia, Johnny Bananas’ sarcastic jokes about Dustin’s gay porn past and Tyrie and Ty hitting on Dustin’s cute girlfriend and I predict Mount Dustin will have multiple volcanic eruptions. The only thing I’m rooting for now is that Leroy and Naomi reignite their casual, open relationship from their season of the , leading to multiple cold sore and coitus-denial points.

Some of the current flaws are that it: “That is all the current progress I have made so far, but I think I have the ability to refine both this statistic and develop others.