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Faculty dating graduate students

The interdisciplinary approach at Yale University provides students with a comprehensive education encompassing the breadth of the earth science fields.

The research facilities at the University of Chicago are equipped with the most current, state of the art technologies available where students gain practical experience and training in their use.

Faculty members of the Department of Geophysical Sciences have a history of engaging in pioneering research resulting in significant discoveries in the field of paleontology and other geo-sciences areas of study.

And it is the earth scientists on whom businesses, governments and citizens are relying to direct and implement these changes.

The vast amount of knowledge accumulated in these disciplines throughout science’s brief history is barely a fraction of what is necessary to understand the forces and processes of the earth.

Students are required to take weekly seminars in varying subjects and to complete independent and collaborative research projects.

Research projects are designed by the students with the assistance of a faculty team of advisers.

Students are trained to become leaders and are afforded the opportunity to make their own contributions to their individual fields of study.

The unique graduate degrees offered at the University of Chicago’s Department of Geophysical Science are flexible programs designed by the students with the assistance of an adviser.

Researchers and academics in the earth science fields continue the quest for understanding and advancement; striving to discover solutions for current concerns and to predict potential future issues and events.

A bachelor degree program would scarcely graze the surface of what is necessary to discover and effect the changes necessary to protect and restore the earth and its resources.

The curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the various aspects of the earth to assure graduates of the program attain an expertise in their fields.