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Ethiopian woman dating

King Solomon had the greatest glory of any king of Israel.

Allegorical - thinking that King Solomon symbolized Jehovah's love for Israel or Jesus Christ's love for the Church, the Bride.

Now, many of the commentators dance around this issue with all the nuances. She was a young virgin, probably about 16 years old, whom Solomon found when he was out in the country touring his vineyards.

Anyway, after the marriage, she could never get over the love for her Right Man, her Shepherd Lover.

She was given the worst job assignment by her brothers of chasing the foxes away from the vineyard.

She became the most beautiful woman in Solomon's harem when she was arrayed in royal finery. She passed the identification test of her Right Man - Phase I, Attraction Phase.

The blessing came from the grace of God, and Solomon had to do nothing to earn or keep it.

Since he had it made and knew it, he proceeded to try to do all that his heart desired ().

He sought entertainment in great plays, musicals, and dancing. As Solomon squandered his spiritual heritage he entered into self absorption and was the epitome of the camel type.