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Do you call older woman dating younger man

Now I’ll briefly present a meta-analysis of studies testing female mate preferences. Buunk et al (2001) found that women prefer partners of their own age, regardless of their own age and regardless of the level of relationship involvement.

14) Women are typically indifferent between men at their age and men who are 5 to 9 years older (only for women ages 30 to 39 is the effect slightly negative and statistically significant) but prefer men of a similar age to men who are older by 10 or more years.

to Donald Symons the peak physical attractiveness for men is at the age about 25-30.

According to the traditional division of life in the Middle Ages, for example in the papers of Isidore of Seville, is at 28 years old when a man reaches greater strength, intelligence, virtue and physical beauty.

In 1500 Albrecht Dürer painted his most famous self-portrait, at 28 years old, depicted as “Jesus Christ”.

Thus young persons tend to prefer youthful facial traits.

7) By the other hand, Zebrowitz et al, 1993 showed that attractiveness ratings of male faces went down at about the same pace as they did for females.

The exchange concept assumes that men tried to exchange their socioeconomic resources (such as education or income) against the physical beauty of women and viceversa, in pre-industrialized societies.