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Dating omani men

The Silk Road/Silk Route or whatever that infrastructure is called allowed Europe to learn about the religions like Hinduism (the oldest of major religions), Judaism, Budhism, Jainism, Christianity, and Islam which all originated in Asia.

Please keep in mind the denigration inflicted on both India and China by the European print and television media using both the so called experts from Europe in tandem with the hired Indian and Chinese experts.

The typical Indian and Chinese pictures of 1990s that of the cyclists on Chinese roads or that of the Hindu monks in bathing ghats in Varanasi or that of snake charmers to name a few were all part of a pattern like a pattern of dictatorships and dynastic rulers in the developing world mostly educated in British universities like in the case of the Indira-Nehru dynasty of India, the Bhuttos of Pakistan, the Husseins and Azads of Jordan and Syria.

One should also take note why only the Taj Mahal is shown and celebrated as the only architectural marvel whilst there are thousands of Indian temples and palaces some of which beat Taj Mahal in its aesthetic and architectural fete.

The key to creating Divide and Rule whether in a family or a nation is by favouring one against the other without which no one can create Divide and Rule.

Sanskrit is not a simplistic or simpleton’s alphabet with only vowels and consonants but has vowels and consonants with complex Gutturals, Palatals, Cerebrals, Dentals, Labials, Sibilants and Aspirates.

Please also do appreciate that most of the words given in this blog are based on the starting sound of the words represented by the respective Sanskrit and English alphabets.

South Asians from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh are called “Asians” whilst Japan, South Korea, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia and in short all the major forex buyers are in Asia.

The finest example of the European colonial mindset is the British Monarch annointing British and pliable foreign nationals as Lords, Knights, Commanders, Officers and Dames of the Empire.

However I believe it is order to give the similarities between English and Sanskrit (Some Sanskrit words are difficult to be spelt in English as the former has 48 letters whilst the latter has only 26.

The differences in the pronunciation of “C”, “kicking Ka” “Curly Ka” “J” and “G” in English may be an issue for some.

In a world of ideological divide and academic expediency what is forgotten are the true connections between the Indo-European languages.