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It’s like saying “I don’t care that you weren’t the right person for me and that you even behaved like a jackass!

Oh my God – what if they change for the next person?

Here’s the thing: You can think about what you might say or do ‘next time’ something happens, or analyse the crappola out of what they said, or replay scenes from your life over and over again, or stew and ferment in your your own negative self-talk and pain, but at some point, it’s time to puck yourself in the head, drag yourself out of the fog, wake up and get into the present.

It’s unlikely that you like pain but you’ve become used to being invested in feeling bad.

It gives you a purpose but the truth is, your purpose has become finding reasons to continue justifying the pain and rejection and basically why you’re not good enough.

I have a friend who spent over a decade (yes you read that correctly) ruminating on her relationship.

Every time we caught up about what was going on, she was trying to “work things out” or “figuring things out” or “deciding what the best thing to do is” and even “trying to avoid making a mistake”.

The truth is that we could all have done many things differently but that time has passed.

Investing a deep level of thinking into something that’s gone and that you have no control over, is a waste.

The mistake isn’t the outcome of the decision itself; it’s to not make one.

When you stop over-thinking and take action you make decisions, and if you remain a person of action that has a life, a good level of self-esteem and doesn’t treat each person like they’re the last chance saloon with the key to your happiness, you don’t have regrets because you know you did the best by you with the best of the knowledge that you had at that time.

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