Start Carbon dating the turin shroud

Carbon dating the turin shroud

So, testing the bones from the casket makes no sense.

It was discovered in 1978 and finally determined to be written much later than the other Christian gospels.

Unfortunately, the intriguing new ideas in the document are passed over and it is dismissed as early criticism of Christianity.

To believers it is the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, miraculously marked with his image.

But the Turin shroud was widely dismissed as a hoax in 1988 when scientific tests found it could not be more than 1,000 years old.

Speculation about Mary being a prostitute is called a myth.

While seeming to dismiss the "fallen woman" angle, the episode further speculates that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ. We know she is the first to see Jesus, after he rises from the dead. They seem to suggest Mary was a feminist, relative to the time, and in opposition to the disciple Peter. The series ended with its weakest episode, due to having the least interesting "relic" to review.

The assumption is that the "True Cross" is out there, but the promised answer isn't here.

Episode 6 considers "The Gospel of Mary Magdalene" - Most of the episode's running time reviews the life of Mary Magdalene, although the series narrator admits there is little known about the woman.

They cover some of the testing, but don't consider much of the origin and history. The main point is the series' examination of, what they call, "a possible blood link between John and Jesus." Around the world, there are many bones purportedly to be "The Bones of John the Baptist." Some are fakes, obviously, since there are enough bones to make up more than one man.

One set is carbon dated to be from the correct time period and belongs to a "middle-eastern man." The only other evidence is that the bones are claimed to be John's.

Also a believer in Christ, she sought out the cross upon which he was crucified.