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Blizzard updating tools stuck

The Paladin is another strong pick in the Un'Goro metagame, thanks to some very painful buffing spells.

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The puzzles are smart, and are just challenging enough to prove satisfying without ever leaving you feeling truly stuck.

The game's graphics are beautiful, their stark, minimalist style boasting a surprising amount of depth and some stunning lighting effects.

But from there Inside carves its own path, slowly unfolding a world of sinister factories, brainwashed workers, and mysterious genetic experiments, and doing it all without a single word of dialogue.

Along the way you have to navigate a series of 2D puzzles, finding ways to reach new areas, remove barriers, and escape enemies.

The Mage's hero power, combined with any number of card removal spells, makes it a particularly powerful class to pick, for example.

Likewise, the Rogue is excellent at controlling the board and putting constant pressure on your opponent.

It's also important to continually review the deck you're building, and ensure you have a good selection of cards for each stage of the game.

In this guide we'll teach you the fundamentals of building a strong deck in Arena, and giving yourself the best possible chance of recouping your entry fee, so you can start the process all over again!

So while the gameplay is enjoyable, it’s a little short-lived and it isn’t a game we imagine you’ll sink weeks or months into. Limbo came out of nowhere to become one of the most highly acclaimed puzzle-platformers ever, and developer Playdead's follow-up Inside is somehow even better.