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Beginning in 1980, CGE began diversifying its operations from water into waste management, energy, transport services, and construction and property.

Vivendi Ticketing processes annually over 40 million tickets.

The business also operates as an internal service provider to other Vivendi businesses notably Universal Music Group where tickets are sold for and on behalf of the group's artists.

In July 2000, Vivendi Environnement was divested through IPOs in Paris and later New York in October 2001).

Initially, Vivendi Universal retained a 70% stake in Vivendi Environnement in 2000, but by December 2002, it was reduced to 20.4%.

It responded with financial reshuffling, trying to shore up media holdings while selling off shares in its spin-off companies.

Amid intense media scrutiny, its chairman and CEO, Jean-Marie Messier (who had overseen the most dramatic phase of the company's diversification), was subsequently replaced by Jean-René Fourtou.

In news from 11 September 2016 Yves Guillemot is set to buy an additional 3.5% of Ubisoft shares to raise his stake to 12.5% to attempt to block a takeover from Vivendi.

Yves has been attempting to lobby other shareholders to prevent them selling their shares to Vivendi.

Vivendi Environnement was formed in 1999 by Vivendi to consolidate its environmental divisions, which were CGEA Transport, Onyx Environnement (now Veolia Environmental Services), Dalkia and CGE water division.

As a result, CGEA Transport was renamed Connex (later Veolia Transport), and CGE's water division was renamed Vivendi Water (now Veolia Water).

In 2015, Vivendi announced that it will open ten live-performance venues in central and west Africa.