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The daughter of Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, Jillian Beanstalk appears quite equipped for her destiny as she's joined the school musical band and plays an inherited harp which belonged to Jack himself.

He likes to leave an impression on everyone he meets.

Northwind is a servant of the Snow King and Snow Queen.

He serves the Snow Queen and Snow King with his sister, Jackie Frost, who he looks up to a great deal, even when failing to understand her strategies.

She purposely interferes with the characters to ensure that the story ends well. Cupid recently switched schools due to an assignment from her dad.

However, Brooke herself is one to support the Rebel side because of her struggles as a narrator. Being one herself, Cupid is on good terms with the Rebels, likely being assigned to Ever After High to help introduce the concept of free choice.

She often has the family's signature grin on her face…or off her face, as she has also inherited her mother the Cheshire Cat's selective fading ability.

Life's easy for Madeline Hatter due to her bright outlook on things.

Instead, taking over Wonderland and dethroning the current monarch is high on her list.