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Voyager was the first show broadcast on the new UPN channel, the only series renewed after the channel's first programming season, and its only show to run for seven seasons, making it UPN's longest running.

Mulgrew auditioned for the role of the captain (originally named "Elizabeth Janeway"), when producers announced casting for Star Trek: Voyager.

She initially submitted a videotaped audition, which she made in New York City in August 1994.

Also in 1992, she played a guest-starring role as a soap opera star who kills her husband and tries to cover it up, on Murder, She Wrote, episode #170, titled: "Ever After".

Mulgrew also kept active in doing voice-over work for video games, most notably in 2009 voicing the mysterious Flemeth in the Dragon Age video game series, a role she described as "delicious".

Mulgrew was then offered the role, which she accepted, later suggesting "Kathryn" as the character's final first name.

Mulgrew made history in the Star Trek franchise when she became the first female captain as a series regular in a leading role.

In 1995, Mulgrew's divorce from her husband became final.