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The world is changing, so we all have to change our thoughts with the changing scenario.

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Instead, they should focus on their career, how they can perform their best in everything they do. However, being in a romantic relationship at such a young age is not rational.

— Dipti Gyawali, Basundhara Being in love is not a bad thing.

The teens have the false belief that they’ll get most happiness if they’ll be able to marry his/her girlfriend/boyfriend.

But the fact is that they’re just trapped in a vicious circle.

A girl commits suicide just because she couldn’t marry the guy she wanted, while that guy for sure will fall in love with another girl again.

So, sacrificing a beautiful life just for a romantic relationship is a blunder.

Parents should motivate children to focus more on their future than on love relationships.

Teenagers themselves should try to control their emotions and thoughts for love relationship as far as possible.

I have seen many teenagers blindly fall in love and then face the consequences later.